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My Experience with Creative Glas Works IncR, of Oneida TN

Product Quality is Poor: They did not spend enough time smothing the seams on the front end they used to make their mold. Body work is required to correct these flaws caused by their mold before you can paint. Stay tuned I will post a picture soon showing you the problem!

Product Design needs Improvement: This front end included the cowl so if you plan to use windshield wipers they must be removed in order to tilt the front end. A better design would be to retain use of the stock cowl. Also the Hinge Kit they sell does not allow you to adequately tilt the front end. The front clip hits the bumper before reaching 90 degrees of tilt.

Customer Service is Nonexistant: Not once did they ever return a call! I always had to call them to learn of their shipping mistakes. And it took 5 months to get an explanation get an explanation of why they won't refund my money for the Hinges I returned. Check out their unsatisfactory Record with the Better Business Bureau at: Enter "Creative Glas" (one 's' in Glas) and hit search.

My Recomendation: offers a better quality front end and their hinges allow you to tilt the front end 180 degrees if desired.

The Details: I Ordered a 1 piece Fiberglass front end, cut to tilt, for my 1967 Chevy Truck ($645). Along With the tilt kit ($70). Plus Creative charges $50 to crate the front end. And then I had to pay a Freight company $118 to ship it to Minnesota from Tennessee. Total cost of $883

My first disappointment was they only accept a credit card for 1/2 of the purchase price, So I had to go out and get a Cashiers check and mail it in for the 2nd half of the payment.

I asked to have the front end held at the trucking terminal where I would pick it up. I Received a call from "Overnite Transportation" saying my shipment was ready to be picked up. But to my dismay it was at a terminal 250 miles away. 3 days later they finally got it to a terminal near me. This may not have been Creatives mistake but this was the Trucking Company they chose to use.

When I went to pick it up. The crate was busted and the top of the crate was rubbing against the top of the hood. I examined the crate and saw it was very poorly constructed. A pallet for the top, a pallet for the bottom and a single 2x4 on each corner connecting the top and bottom pallets. So once one of the corner supports was bumped the support busted loose allowing the top pallet to rub the hood. If they would have just added a couple lateral supports it would have strengthend the crate. I was fortunate to not have major damage. Creative Glas charges $50 to crate up these front ends so I expected thay would do a good job. But as I have learned they are not going to do anything extra to ensure a quality product or quality service. "As little as possiblei" seems to be their motto.

Also to my dissapointment they failed to send the Tilt Kit with the front end. This was Friday evening so I had to wait until Monday to reach someone at Creative. When I called they insisted they were included with the shipment and they said they would put a trace on the parts through the Freight company. Three days passed and no one contacted me so I called them back and then Creative finaly admitted the tilt kit was not shipped as they said it was. They would get it out right away. A week later I hadn't received it so I called again. This time I was told it would be shipped the next day. It finally arrived 2 days later (2 weeks after I received the front end).

This Tilt kit that I waited so patiently for was simply 2 hinges with no instructions. I put them in place and found they did not allow the front end to tilt a full 90 degrees which is my minimum expectation. About 75 degrees was all I could get before there was interference from the front bumper. I found I could get more tilt degrees by adjusting where the hinges mounted but then the front of the front end sat up an inch too high. I have a completely stock frame so there is no reason why these shouldn't work. They are just a poor design. I found pictures of hinges at this is a company that also sells front ends and hinges. The USBodySource hinges are a much better design they provide 180 degrees of tilt and appear to be more heavy duty. After seeing the BodySource design I made a crude copy of their hinges out of a set of barn door hinges. Mine aren't pretty but they work better than the Hinges from Creative!

So I boxed up the Creative Glas hinges and sent them back, with a note requesting a refund.

I won't bore you with all the details but after 3 letters, 4 phone calls, and 5 months later I am told the "board of directors" has refused to refund the $70 for the tilt hinges! Saying it is their policy to issue credit and not refunds. This policy is stated nowhere on their website or was ever communicated to me until that time. I never even received a receipt for any of the items I purchased so they failed to inform me of the policy via a receipt. If you care at all about your customers you have to deal with them individually and not blindly hide behind a "company policy" in responce to a poorly designed product.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau about 4 months into the process. And I learned the BBB has an "unsatisfactory record" on Creative Glas WorksR stating they have failed to respond to inquirys from the BBB in the past. The BBB sent Creative a letter asking for a response in my situation but Creative again did not respond to them. See the link above to access the BBB rating for Creative Glas Works R

I chose Creative Glas because they had the lowest price on the front end I needed. But as the saying goes "You Get What You Pay For!". I will never do business with them again. The fact they just thumb their nose at the Better Business Bureau tells you what type of business this is.

There is also another dissatisfied customer that rated Creative Glas Works very poorly at