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My name is Joe Estepp. As you observed on my Home page I enjoy working on cars. I am a member of a local car club, I race my cars a couple times a year at the drag strip, and usually participate in a car show or two each year as well.

I am an Oracle Data Base Administrator for Provell Inc. which provides membership and customer relationship benefits to clients. My background was primarily software development untill about a year ago when I started working in the Database Administartion area.

As long as I plugged my employer I better plug the schools I attended:
1988 BS in Computer Science from Bethel College St. Paul, MN
1990 MS in Computer Science from the University of Memphis.

When not at work or wrenching on a car you will find me writing checks and keeping the financial books for my Church. I am Treasurer of Elim Baptist Church of isanti MN.

If you click on my picture you will see I am in a Wheelchair. I was in a car accident in 1983 at the age of 19. This was a case of a young kid thinking he was indestructable and driving too fast on a dirt road and loosing it in the ditch at about 60 MPH. I was not wearing a seat belt and when the car came to rest, after rolling end over end, I found myself in the rear hatch area. After pausing to think about what I had just done I tried to get up. I had a hard time moving, it was like all my strength was gone. Then I felt someones leg with my hand I soon realized it was my own and that I had no feeling in my legs. In the meantime my friend Dale, who was wearing his seatbelt, managed to get out of the car uninjured.

After they checked me out at the hospital it was determined that I had dislocated 2 of the vertebra in my neck and pinched my spinal cord. They re-aligned my vertebra but the damage was done and the spinal cord does not regenerate once it is damaged.

Hard to believe that was 19 years ago! The thing that got me through that situation and allowed me to get on with my life is the strength I received from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I asked Christ for strength and guidance to go forward with what was left of my life. As it says in Matt 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find". God gave me the strength and patience I needed to re-learn every physical aspect of life. I started out just learning to dress myself and now I am rebuilding cars in my spare time. But most of all it is the relationship between me and God that got me through the tough times! God offers salvation (forgiveness of our sins resulting in eternal life) and a personal relationship with each and everyone of us (Rev 3:20). God gave us the Bible, prayer, and this beautiful earth in order for us to come the know him on a personal level! Too bad it takes a tragic situation before some of us come to realize that Christianity is not a bunch of do's and don'ts, it is a relationship with our Maker who cares about us more than we will ever know or comprehend.