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18530 Ulysses St. NE
East Bethel, MN 55001

Phone:(763) 434-7962
Fax: (763) 434-6640

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MN Bldr Lic. #6112

Shade Tree
Construction, Inc.

Shade Tree Construction is a locally owned builder that focuses on the idea that working with its contractors as a TEAM helps to produce a quality home. We are a diversified builder of single-family homes and townhomes in the North metro area Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Shade Tree Construction builds not only in its own exclusive developments, but also on your lot. Shade Tree Construction has been in the Northern Twin Cities Suburbs for over ten years.

Shade Tree Construction has an on staff draftsman, so each home can have its' own individuality. After the design process our staff of office and construction managers see your home through to completion. Shade Tree Construction keeps involved in each home by doing some of their our own contracting with on staff excavation, trucking, and carpentry laborers.

Make your next home a Shade Tree Construction built home!

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